I went to Roma from Genova for a weekend during my workaway looking after children in Liguria. I went with Orla, who was doing the same workaway as me and who became a very good friend of mine. We booked our Flixbus and I contacted a couchsurfing host and away we went!



Saturday morning we left bright and early at 6am from our host family’s house in order to get get a 30 minute bus to Chiavari where we would get a 2 hour bus to Genova, wait around for about an hour then catch our 8 and a half hour coach to Rome. It was a long day of travelling made worth it by the stunning views of the Italian countryside the duration.


When we finally arrived in Rome we had a bit of time to kill before meeting our host so we grabbed a couple of beers and found a park. It turns out the park we chose was where everyone came to do their workouts. So we sat drinking beers watching healthy people running and doing pushups. The contrast was laughable. When it was time we left to find a metro stop in order to get to where we were meeting our host.


Our host, David from Couchsurfing, was so nice. When we arrived he made us gin cocktails (he was really enthusiastic about gin) and they were delicious. We talked about the usual things you talk about when you first meet someone and we found out what all the Italian hand gestures mean.


We then got in his car, Me, Orla, David and one of his friends, and went to see some sights. At night. I though it was odd but it turned out to be quite a good way to see the city; nowhere was busy and it was all very well lit. We went first to an outside bar called the Imaginarium, opposite the modern art gallery.


We then went to a fountain where there was also an incredible view of Rome, beautifully lit. We walked around after that and saw everything you can think of apart from the colloseum. It got to about 5am and I was exhausted and hungry. At that point we stopped to get some food and then went home to bed.



I woke up on David’s sofa but before we could go out to see the colloseum I had some important business to attend to (I had a phone interview for a job in Edinburgh). After that was finished we hopped on the metro and made our way to the colloseum. It truly is magnificent. We walked around it and stopped to sit under a tree for a while because it was so hot. This is where I met Simone, who asked me out on a date. Unfortunately we would be leaving early the next day so I didn’t get to have my romantic experience. Then we went to the modern art gallery where I saw a lot of pieces that I studied at GCSE.


Then we went to a bar for a spritz (a classic Italian drink made from Aperol, soda water and prosecco) and to charge our phones. When we were all recharged we went for a walk through the old town to meet up with our host and some of his friends.


We met them along the river where there were loads of restaurants, market stalls and table football tables. The atmosphere was so fun and the sun was just begining to set so the sky was a beautiful colour.


We walked around a whole lot more before eventually getting to an ice cream place. I asked for a scoop of Baileys and a scoop of coffee flavoured ice cream. Instead of the coffee I got Limoncello which made it a strange combo but individually both flavours were incredible.


After our day of exploring and the late night we had the night before we were incredibly tired. So we went home to bed. We made our way in style though seeing as David’s car was a convertible. So we drove home with the roof down.



Monday morning we woke up at 6.30am, we got on a Flixbus and went home after an amazing weekend in Rome!



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