grow wild


I’m coming home. Not just geographically but to the feeling of home. I have felt so out of place for 2 months in Italy. Not unhappy but I had no sense of belonging. Now I will return today to Bristol where I grew up and where my heart feels full.


Bristol isn’t the only place I get that feeling. The time I most strongly felt a sense of ‘I’m Home’ was walking out of Saint Michel metro station in Paris after 4 days of absence from the bookshop that is my home away from home. Paris is home. Edinburgh during the Fringe is home. In the arms of my best friend is home.


if your family has a dog you will know…

.                          the pure joy when you come home after a while

.         the smell of their head that brings so much comfort

.              the feeling that your heart is growing every time you see a picture

IMG_0733                                                                      IMG_0744

I grew up fast and wild and I never felt right
In a garden so different from me
I just never belonged I just longed to be gone
So the garden one day set me free
~wildflowers – Dolly Parton, Linda Rondstadt, Emmylou Harris


family is the memories you have that span a lifetime,

shouting, screaming even about things forgotten 5 minutes later

not seeing someone for a while then seeing them again and knowing nothing important has changed

love, unconditional

dumb fun

rose, jack, ali, milo, will

IMG_0725               IMG_0722               img_0730.jpg



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